Dead But Dreaming 2 by Miskatonic River Press

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Miskatonic River Press has finally published its long awaited follow up to one of the best Lovecraftian anthologies in recent memory. Dead But Dreaming 2 picks up where the first book left off, plunging readers into territory where the traditional Cthulhu Mythos rarely tread. Like its predecessor, editor Kevin Ross has managed to line up some of Lovecraftiana's best writers. Readers can look forward to stories by Scott David Aniolowski, David Annandale, Donald R. Burleson, John Goodrich, Cody Goodfellow, T.E. Grau, Rick Hautala, Walt Jarvis, Erik T. Johnson, William Meikle, Will Murray, Daniel W. Powell, Wilum Pugmire, Joseph S. Pulver Sr, Pete Rawlik, Kevin Ross, Brian Sammons, Darrell Schweitzer, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Michael Tice, and Don Webb.

 In many ways, Dead But Dreaming 2 promises to match or outshine the first Dead But Dreaming, which I previously reviewed. The book serves as an excellent reminder of the literary work Miskatonic River Press continues to do, aside from its extensive publications in Lovecraftian gaming. Next year, books featuring new stories devoted to Thomas Ligotti and Robert W. Chambers' King in Yellow are set to appear.

Weird fiction has always been a narrow field, but the big players in publishing are identified by their quality. Consider Miskatonic River Press one of the foremost purveyors carrying on a richly Lovecraftian and strange tradition in these times. The ongoing horror manifest in volumes like Dead But Dreaming 2 is proof of that.

-Grim Blogger


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