Lovecraft Art by Graffiti

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Great Old Ones have hit the streets, their eldritch silhouettes peeping out from back alleys and railway graveyards. These are several mad visions from Lovecraftian devotees who dared to bring Cthulhu artwork out as public graffiti. That humming sound you hear from the bricks? Just a little inter-dimensional indigestion.

There's no need to strike out with a real Necronomicon when painted visages of the Old Ones are just as good for summoning them. Lovecraftian nightmares know no boundaries, and neither do their disciples in art.

The Lovecraftian graffiti obsession is, like all true movements in terror art, a global phenomena. Here, a French artist has transported Cthulhu by stencil to the bricks of Saint-Etienne, France.

Not surprisingly, public restrooms offer no respite from the Old One's indomitable spirit. As the stars align and madness overtakes the world, don't be surprised if Lovecraft based graffiti art becomes as familiar in stalls as Bible verses and vulgarity.

Not strictly Lovecraft based as such, but worthy of honorable mention. All roads lead to Cthulhu.

-Grim Blogger


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