Forever Azathoth by Peter Cannon

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Peter Cannon's well received book of Lovecraftian parodies is scheduled to make a return this August. Forever Azathoth has been out of print for years, after originally being released by Tartarus Press. Subterranean Press has taken the liberty of publishing the new edition. Cannon's sixteen story collection exemplifies well done Lovecraftian humor.

In fact, he seems to have made it a hallmark of his literary career in the Lovecraftian arena. Not long ago, Cannon published The Lovecraft Chronicles, an alternate history biography where HPL lives until the 1960s. Rather than resorting to campy pastiche, Cannon wields his extensive knowledge of Lovecraft and other writers to craft weird fiction that's thought provoking and funny.

Forever Azathoth contains several prime examples where Lovecraftian themes are successfully merged with those by other authors. Cannon's parodies are nearly as much a homage to Ramsey Campbell, T.E.D. Klein, William Faulkner, and more classic writers as they are a tribute to H.P. Lovecraft. With any luck, the collection will gain renewed attention as its new signed, limited edition begins hitting readers. Cannon's work is just the literary medicine needed to help flesh out Lovecraftian humor into a lively and meaningful practice, rather than a vapid one whose jokes rely upon face value observations and word play.

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