Stefan Grabinski Gets an Ebook

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Weird fiction's migration to the electronic medium is quickening. Polish author Stefan Grabinski is the latest to join the likes of contemporaries and grand masters from literary horror's past on e-book shelves everywhere. Or, more appropriately, the marketplace of Amazon's Kindle, which currently dominates the e-publishing world.

Grabinski's debut in e-book form arrives with a definitive edition of his collection, The Motion Demon. This edition includes all the contents of the increasingly expensive and out-of-print hardcover published by Ash-Tree Press. Fortunately, unlike some e-book efforts, this is no mere bundle of stories cobbled together by an amateur.

The Motion Demon is edited by Miroslaw Lipinski, the world's foremost authority on Grabinski translation and scholarly analysis. He has arguably done for the "Polish Poe" what S.T. Joshi managed to do for Lovecraft. Meanwhile, the most affordable English paperback which nicely introduces his strange stories remains The Dark Domain by Dedalus European Classics.

The curious transition of Stefan Grabinski is just the latest one to round out 2011, as the weird fiction community begins invading e-publishing. This year has also seen small presses like Tartarus dipping into e-books, and a large blast of new titles related to H.P. Lovecraft on Kindle.

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