Virginia Terminates Miskatonic Institute

Thursday, June 23, 2011

John J. Miller kindly shared this recent document, where the state of Virginia terminated an earlier corporation of his that was re-named the Miskatonic Institute for Advanced Cthulhu Studies. But was it just a name change, or one more episode in the infamous university's history, chronicled by Lovecraft and his successors in anthologies like Robert Weinberg's Miskatonic University? Decide for yourself. The full details are as follows:

Last year, I incorporated a small non-profit organization in Virginia. Shortly after setting it up, I learned that I had made a small mistake in the paperwork. The easiest course was to start over. Yet I wanted to keep the organization's name, so the first step was to change the name of the original organization--i.e., to give it a dummy name and than incorporate again with the name I wanted. So changed the first group's name to "Miskatonic Institute for Advanced Cthulhu Studies." The state of Virginia now informs me that the Miskatonic Institute is being terminated for failing to pay its annual registration fees.

It seems the state of Virginia is not as lenient as New England for institutes devoted to unraveling Lovecraftian mysteries. Not unless Cthulhu cultists pay promptly, that is. Visit John Miller's website here.

-Grim Blogger


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