October Round Up: On the Campaign Trail with Cthulhu

Friday, October 17, 2008

One candidate you won't hear mentioned in the media is Cthulhu, who looks dead set for at least several thousand write-in votes again this year. We won't know for sure, of course, since the slumbering Priest of Azathoth is not an officially registered write-in, and thus won't have his votes counted. That doesn't mean there aren't loyal disciples hard at work trying to win him as many votes as possible. These three images are just some added examples of the Cthulhu factor lurking behind John McCain and Barrack Obama.

This cephalopod dons classic images of Americana to make his point unmistakable. No mere "lipstick on a pig," Cthulhu looks strangely classy in an Uncle Sam outfit. The Elder Party mentioned in the logo attached to the picture is also a fine name for a third, fourth, fifth, or sixth party. Forget the claims of some third parties who say they'll return to the Constitution, Cthulhu will bring us back much much further than that document.

Bumper stickers remain in hot demand for voters intent on displaying their Presidential preference. Leave it to the Cthulhu campaign to come up with something representative of their man (or thing). Although this one is from last time around, some designs are just meant to be re-used. In fact, given Cthulhu's likely immortality, He is the perennial candidate. Alan Keyes and Ralph Nader, eat your hearts out.

Is there any clearer representation of what might happen with cultists in government?

-Grim Blogger

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