D.F. Lewis on Thomas Ligotti

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The ubiquitous (and Nemonymous) writer of weird fiction, D.F. Lewis, has published an intriguing series of impressions taken from Thomas Ligotti's Teatro Grottesco. Lewis, a prodigious maker of weird tales that are often short but incredibly rich, provides a unique perspective on Ligotti's work. The sort of view that you can really only glean from one weird writer observing a contemporary.

This is a delicious change of pace. While Lewis' commentary on Teatro Grottesco contains elements of a review, it's much more than that. His vast knowledge and eye for strange detail link Ligotti's most recently republished story collection with current events and the hard hitting literary transformations often induced by reading Ligotti. Though on the latter point, Mr. Lewis conveys his own responses far more creatively than most could.

If you're looking for a brief romp through weird literature and the banker Meltdown, or have wondered what one weirdmonger on the fringe thinks of another wordsmith of the high weird, then you have found your destination. And if it stirs your fancy as much as it did mine, there's no reason to stop at this page. D.F. Lewis' "Weirdmonger" blog is a deformed palace of exotic delights. His website has grown so fat and voracious that one can literally spend hours exploring the many story wheels, reviews, and other curious observations comprising this unlikely library of the mad.

-Grim Blogger

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