D.F. Lewis Readings

Monday, March 9, 2009

Easily accessible readings by weird authors of their own work are exceedingly rare. Voice records for writers like H.P. Lovecraft or Algernon Blackwood are virtually non-existent. You're not likely to hear contemporaries such as Thomas Ligotti or Ramsay Campbell retell full stories on CD or podcast either. This is why D.F. Lewis' recent series of audio readings is so notable. As anyone who has ever had the privilege of hearing an author quote his own work knows, this type of presentation can help one grasp the meaning and mood of the written words.

In the case of Lewis, who is well known for spinning thousands of short, rich tales of cultivated strangeness, these tellings of his stories are more than welcome. Although, fortunately and unfortunately, his readings do little to dispel the damnably tight mystery embedded in each of his curious works. Several Lewis shorts are available for download from his Weirdmonger website here. Hear them on your MP3 player riding the bus, or off your PC in the quiet hours of the night. However, know that you, too, will likely be trapped in the weirdmonger's nefarious wheel. Each recording is like one more spider marching into one's ear--a ticklish delight and a horror.

-Grim Blogger

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