Frank DanCoolo: Paranormal Drug Dealer

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Andrew W. Jones' film Frank DanCoolo: Paranormal Drug Dealer is a humorous, adventure-packed departure from most standard science fiction fare. It's notable here because it contains, among other things, some definite Lovecraftian elements. Jones, who previously made a Lovecraftian short called The Book Dealers (which is also available to view on his website), summarizes his latest quirky film this way:

In the annoyingly sparkly future-scape of Neo-Mega-Ultra Tokyo, reporter Holly Malone tracks a murderous urban legend.

She discovers that a chain of drug related killings leads down a super natural trail. A trail that ends with no average pill pusher, but FRANK DANCOOLO: PARANORMAL DRUG DEALER!

A comedy featuring a goofy blend of computer generated overkill, cartoon physics and stop-motion monsters.

It's clearest Lovecraftian source of inspiration appears to be HPL's story "From Beyond." DanCoolo's psychic drugs shatter the veil between his fictional steampunk human reality, and one where nameless horrors lurk. Jones' design for the creatures that DanCoolo and reporter Malone ultimately encounter is also clearly Lovecraftian. These are rigidly Cthulhuvian terrors, complete with tentacles and all.

Although Jones' new project is not a purely Lovecraftian one, it effectively highlights the versatile ways Lovecraft's themes and designs can be worked into narratives in other genres. His film does not push the boundaries too far into new territory, but then there is little need to. Frank DanCoolo is a graphically intense and delightfully silly short with an added Lovecraftian flair that will please fans of the Providence writer, without referencing deeper Cthulhuvian lore which may confuse viewers unfamiliar with Lovecraft. Jones's real virtue with this film is a balancing act resulting in a smooth mixture of sub-genres and sources.

-Grim Blogger

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