Lovecraft Gets an iPhone App

Thursday, June 10, 2010

You know that weird fiction has entered 21st century media with this planned release of an H.P. Lovecraft iPhone App. The Necronomicon Card Game is an interactive RPG (Role Playing Game) scheduled for a summer 2010 release. The computerized "card game" apparently draws its gaming inspiration from card based strategy games like Magic: The Gathering, and quite possibly this older flash game with the same name. Slide To Play's article has this to say:

Billed as a role-playing card game, Necomonicon is apparently designed for quicker gameplay sessions and will take some influence from dice-rolling tabletop RPGs. We know that achievements will let you unlock new cards, but we're unclear about whether this will be a primarily single-player experience, or allow you to play against other masters of the occult in multiplayer.

Certainly, this game won't be the last Lovecraftian App made for the iPhone and other portable multimedia devices. It's likely to be nothing less than a flagship in a great fleet of strange media setting out on the digital seas from the familiar ports of literature and film.

-Grim Blogger

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