Zalgo Infects American Politics!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Although the Zalgo front has been relatively quiet in the last few months, the Lovecraftian meme is not dead, but dreaming. Today, mid-term elections are being held for federal and statewide offices across the United States. Whatever the result, few will notice the conspiratorial blackness seething around the angelic faces of America's leaders.

While the best paranoid researchers are off blaming oil tycoons, Masons, and Reptoids for infiltrating government, it seems that H.P. Lovecraft and his most ubiquitous digital emissary to date are ignored. You can't blame them, though. Who would think to look back at the Necronomicon rather than, say, Project Paperclip or Bilderberg Group documents for nefarious corruption? And would anyone seriously forego following the latest money trails from BP and Halliburton to examine the black tendrils trailing from the $1000 sleeves of Democratic and Republican leaders?

Change is coming again, but it won't be issuing from Obama or Tea Party stalwarts this time. There is only one phenomenon that can seize on the quasi-apocalyptic mood settling over early 21st century politics. It is a bipartisan and otherworldly enterprise called Zalgo, and it will happily consume our hopes and horrors, immeasurably better than any party or politician could dream of doing.

-Grim Blogger

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