Poe and Phillips Lovecraft Team Up in Graphic Novel

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Poe and Phillips is a recent graphic novel by Jaime Collado and Miguel Cedillo from Arcana Studios that throws Edgar Allan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft into the midst of a horror-adventure quest. Don't expect an authentic drama with highly refined weird fiction elements. Instead, you'll see improbable fun and heroic slayers coursing through this tale. Who cares if Poe and Lovecraft didn't murder a thief, let alone a supernatural being? They've never looked tougher with heavy arms.

Space-time constraints are kicked to the curb as well, allowing this unlikely pair to link up and dust monsters. Here's what Acrcana's Poe and Phillips summary has to say:

Edgar Allen Poe and Howard Phillips Lovecraft were born and raised in different eras. But during each of their times they were both investigators of paranormal affairs and once had a case where they worked together. Searching for the power of a mysterious coin, the unlikely duo find themselves against an ancient emperor who wants to use the coins to conquer the world... throughout all times!

Expect alternate history horror fantasies like Poe and Phillips to spawn more variants in the coming years. As works by Lovecraft and other weird fiction masters enjoy a renaissance, their tie to digital media means the authors themselves are due to become mythologized more than they already are. Besides, seeing artists like H.P. Lovecraft and E.A. Poe as hardened killers is a lot more interesting than the sensitive, troubled personas they truly exhibited while alive.

-Grim Blogger

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